Santa Fe Convention Center community spirit.

The Sweeney Center is history. The new Santa Fe Convention Center (it opened in September '08) has a community room, and recently our older daughter displayed some of her manga art at the Capital City Comics Expo.
The place is brand new and shiny, and loaded with fresh hopeful landscaping.

Part of the exhibition included a well-made film about local elementary school children learning how to invent their own comic book characters. Two in this image from the movie: Inviza Girl and Pupgirl. Santa Fe's ubiquitous and very pleasant mayor, David Coss, was there, and he gave out True Believers Comic Shop gift certificates to the lucky winners of a drawing. Our older daughter was not too crushed that her younger sister won a gift certificate, because the best prize of the day might have been when we overheard a 13-year-old boy say that Emma's art was the best in the entire exhibition.

The owner of True Believers was there as well:Here's Mayor Coss with our two daughters, disguised slightly in cartoon format:

The community room is very pleasant, and so is the entire convention center.