Eddie Izzard at the Lensic in Santa Fe.

Took E. last night to see one of her faves, Eddie Izzard, in a show at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe. It's difficult to describe his comedy; he is a British, dyslexic, (sometimes) cross-dressing stand-up artist who discusses history, religion, and the world around us in a whimsical, unique way. For instance, tonight he talked about: the Stone Age; the Spartans; dinosaurs; giraffes and the Eiffel Tower; Stonehenge; why Latin is a dead language; the Bible, portraying God and Jesus at various stages of creation; and countless other topics. He uses R-rated language sometimes, but in an oddly innocent way, and his diatribes are brilliant, literate, and ultimately moral. You may not notice this because you will be laughing so hard you might need oxygen. He is doing one more show tonight at the Lensic. His "Stripped" tour dates seem to begin in earnest on April 28, so we are pleased that we had the chance to see him at a smaller venue right here in Santa Fe.