Get Fuzzy.

Today at the corner of St. Francis Drive and Zia Road, a busy intersection, as I left a parking spot I saw one of those What's Wrong With This Picture? sights.

A little bichon frise ran and leapt crazily around the busy shopping center lot. Crazy the way a domesticated dog becomes frazzled in a strange, busy situation. She had a collar on. She almost got hit by about six cars in the half minute I spied her.

Pooch headed for Zia Road. Usually I'm a MYOB sort but this was too much. I decided to take the car, rather than run on foot, because this little pup was in high gear and she was going to bolt up Zia so I wasn't anxious to take chase and be flattened immediately by a harried commuter. So at the next opportunity I executed a Bruce Willis-style screeching turn and pulled over. I was surprised that drivers did not beep or yell, but perhaps they could see the problem.

I headed for Fuzzy. Despite the heavy traffic she seemed responsive. And then a woman and her six-year-oldish daughter ran towards us. The little dog leaped for joy into the woman's arms. "Thank you so much!" the mom said. "She jumped out of the car!"

That dog looked so tiny in the midst of rush hour at one of the nuttiest intersections in Santa Fe. We all know the feeling...trying to remain rational when careening out of control is so much easier. Lookit, fuzzball, stay focused if you can, and stay safe.

Photo: thedogsbone.com