The Dumbo ride was in place when Disneyland first opened in 1953, and there are plenty of reminders at the park of good old Dumbo's iconic status.
Lucy loved the Dumbo ride, but in fact we all did; the sensation of flying, the gentle motion and calming speed, the quiet above the park activity, makes for one of the must-dos of any visit.

The Main Street parade is worth seeing, too. We had just come out of Frontierland and there was the Disney Parade. We were lucky that we happened upon it.

This float stopped and the dancers from the Broadway play Lion King stopped and sang The Circle of Life.

One of the rides we used to cool off was Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, as you could use the Fastpass to get in, and the A/C was always at full tilt. The Fastpass is an excellent thing. Mmm hm. Turned out that we did well at the Toy Story ride, which has a similar premise to this one...shooting at objects...but the Buzz Lightyear version is older and so this one maybe kind of eluded us. Emma got the highest score in here. We recommend both rides, but the Toy Story ride (not this one; sorry I didn't take pictures there) ended up being our favorite Disneyland experience, other than the interactive movie with Crush from Finding Nemo.
This was pretty early in the morning, after we emerged from the Finding Nemo submarine ride (you can see one of the subs in the background). Do NOT go on this ride if you have even a trace of claustrophobia.

The girls found plenty of Penny Squishers on Main Street, and greatly added to their collection. Other than two small stuffed animals, these were the only souvenirs they showed interest in at Disneyland. whew