California Adventureland.

The California Adventureland park is right across the plaza from Disneyland, and it's a good alternative when you get weary, for there never seems to be as much of a crowd. To wander back and forth betwen the two you need a "Park Hopper" pass, and it's well worth it. Lucy's favorite meal was at Ariel's Grotto, because she got to meet all the Disney princesses. They came right to the table and talked to her, which she enjoyed a great deal. There was a supernice fellow near us, visiting with his daughter, and he took some pictures and emailed them to me; I'll post them shortly. Lucy probably liked Ariel the best. I'm not sure you can go to Disneyland with an eight year old and NOT do the Princess Lunch or Dinner.

Lucy also liked the Blue Bayou, but to be honest it was my least favorite (and most expensive) restaurant. Especially if you are seeking kid food or gluten free food, the best alternatives are Zocalo's, Red Rocket Cafe, Ariel's Grotto, and the restaurant at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Look at the people in the orange seats on this California Screamin' ride.

Do you see that simmering water being sprayed on the tracks? It's because the poor souls in the orange seats have been whiplashed away so fast it's impossible to get a picture of their departure. Just think of that spray as their remains. Emma and I watched this thing launch several times because we couldn't believe anyone would actually CHOOSE to ride it. I believe the sensation we experienced while watching them is called schadenfreude.
The Electrical Parade is also at Adventureland. It's pretty; can be mesmerizing; and it's oh so environmentally incorrect. We live in a community outside Santa Fe where people don't even shine their porch lights up, or too brightly, and you can see infinite stars, and sometimes the Milky Way galaxy. So coming from zero light pollution, to experience all this night light was an interesting experience, almost like visiting another planet.

While E. and S. were riding the Zephyr (below), Lucy became quite a good shot at this water cannon.
Evening falls. And people fall too, on that tall parachute drop thingy on the right. Again...why?

Lucy and I watched Shelly and Emma ride the California Zephyr. That's them on the left, in the front row. It was a very pretty sight.