Friends who are in Florida over Christmas sent us a beautiful tabletop tree and miniature rose bush yesterday. Friends from the east coast who run a restaurant sent homemade delicious jams and condiments. And French champagne. We've received a treasure trove of Christmas cards and photographs.
The snow here has been soft and picturesque, two inches here, an inch there, building the snowpack so we will have fewer drought worries this year. In unusually great Christmas letters (a term that long seemed an oxymoron) we've received a welcome update from a great midwest pal (this year we'll visit!), a vivid picture of my partner's sister Polly enjoying a good book on a patio near the ocean on the Outer Banks, details about the accomplishments of amazing nieces and nephews, and news of my oldest friends finally getting a grandson! Also, I'm reacquainting with a witty cousin from Brooklyn. What's that feeling I have? Ohhh. Wait a minute...why....it must be the hope and joy of the season or somethin'.