Bobby Thomson, a Giant among men.

Every year at this time I miss my mom a great deal. She died young, in 1985. Recently I've been working on baseball history with my youngest daughter as a way to assuage the crushing blow of how badly the Mets did in 2007. Da bums. How are these two things related, you may ask?
Lucy, seven, has proven to be an astute student of baseball and makes it fun to explore the long-gone NY Giants; the past and present Mets (or Metropolitans, as she calls them); and even the icky-expansion-team Colorado Rockies with her.
On a whim we sent a letter to Bobby Thomson, perpetrator of the shot heard 'round the world, a tale my mom told me often and with great vigor. The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! This week, we got a note and a signed card from him. It made me feel so happy to be able to share that with my daughter, as my mother had shared her memory with me. Thank you, Bobby Thomson...again.