One more small business gone in the New Mexico rain.

Traveled to Albuquerque today to take a state-administered test, and the family was kind enough to drive down with me (they played for a few hours while I sweated bullets and answered questions). We had a pleasant time on the road and enjoyed the very different-from-normal weather we're having right now in New Mexico, which is to say, no sunshine and some rain.

Although we visited a bookstore, and a market we like, and picked up food at a favorite restaurant, there was one ritual stop we didn't make: we didn't stop by Derek's Dugout. Our Albuquerque baseball friend and autograph collector extraordinaire, Kris, had informed us that Derek's has closed. So it can no longer be a stop on our Duke City Roundup. This was really sad news, as we liked Derek and enjoyed his store. There won't be many brick and mortar sports cards shops left at all in the next few years anywhere. At all.

In a reflective mood, we leave you with a song from Michael Hearne. He has a wonderful band called South by Southwest that we've seen a couple of times and like very much. We couldn't locate a video of the band's beautiful rendition of this tune, but this solo version by Michael is fine indeed. Hope you enjoy 'New Mexico Rain.'