July 4th at Las Campanas.

Ok, so we're a full month late in posting this. It's been a busy summer. :) We'll try to be more swift of post the rest of the year.

It's a lovely setting at Las Campanas for any special event. The food is good, too. This night the weather was mild

after two solid days of rain, and all was right with the world. Here is Doug, one of the owners of an excellent restaurant in town called Jinja, "an Asian bistro:" We recommend it, and we'd say that even if we didn't know Doug. We were invited to this Independence Day party by friends

who knew this to be a hot spot for fireworks and didn't hesitate to share the dazzle.

The recent rain had caused some seriously leaning bushes.

E. leaned a little, too. She was interested in all the fallen branches. She tried to fix one:

while we waited for the show after dinner. We watched and listened to a very good concert by the Santa Fe Symphony (here everyone is milling about beforehand):

and then after the little concert, we just turned our chairs around and VoilĂ , there we were on the Fourth of July:

On the drive home, down towards Santa Fe, we could see several other fireworks shows wrapping up, but none seemed as pretty or fun as this one.