Fifth Santa Fe Japanese Cultural Festival.

My older daughter and I headed for the new Santa Fe Community Convention Center on Marcy Street this morning so that we could check out the Santa Fe JIN's (Japanese Intercultural Network) annual event. We also had never seen the new convention center.
It's a nice facility, a million times nicer than the old convention center that had grown rather seedy, but in the same location. Inside, the lighting is warm and the rooms are inviting.

The table that E. always likes had the manga and plush characters she was seeking. And manga books at two dollars each is, as you know, a good deal. E. named her new plush pal "Cake-San" because I believe he is inside a strawberry short cake. He is posing by a favorite new snack, Pocky sticks.

E's friend Milly is a little camera-shy:

Although Lucy wasn't at the center, she did contribute an origami carp pond along with her third grade class:

I was admittedly taken with that Pocky box. Japan still uses a pleasing aesthetic in designing is toys and kid's snacks packaging. Corporate yet thoughtfully presented. As opposed to just corporate.
The ceiling at the convention center is kind of pleasing. Not terribly high, soft lighting, and interesting business going on up there:

When you go outside, there are plenty of benches to meditate upon as a break from the crowds:

E. really enjoyed the festival, and we are pretty up on the new center.