A day at the Garden Fair.

The Santa Fe Master Gardener Association held its fifth annual Garden Fair today at the county extension facility next to the Santa Fe Rodeo grounds. Santa Fe Greenhouses also helped sponsor the event. There were free lectures on heirloom tomatoes, container gardening; planting for pollinators and beneficial insects; growing your own vegetables; rose gardening; perma-culture ideas for home water harvesting; tree care; and medicinal use of native plants. There were some good kid activities, including what our older daughter termed Bean Art, and most importantly for L., firsthand knowledge about how to plant a seed, bring it to germination, and then to maturity. Following directions specific to the seed is very important.

E. likes trees in the crabapple family.

This display was timely, as E. enjoys making origami buckyballs. Everything is related, don't you know.

The best thing about fairs at the county extension is that most of the time, you can be outside.

Loved the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm exhibit, which consisted of...lots and lotsa lavender.

Everyone likes stone fountains, right?

We also chatted with Deborah Madison and picked up three copies (for friends) of her new book, What We Eat When We Eat Alone, which will officially be released on May 1.

Blessings from the Garden

May your garden bloom with joy.
May your life be full of peace.
May you be guided by gentle purpose.
May you have enough challenges to make life interesting
and friends, faith and family to give you comfort.

If you have a gardening question, ask a master gardener from Santa Fe, and you'll get a wise response.