Sea World was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Here comes Corky. This Orca is 40 years old, and during the main Shamu show, the trainers make a point of thanking Corky for training them to interact with whales.

And yes, there's plenty to see . . . the kids enjoyed the Arctic experience, the penguins, the puffins, the dolphins. But we were able to snag ringside seats for . . . Shamu.

Usually I'm snapping photos right and left but being mesmerized by beautiful Shamu and friends slowed me down, and I only remembered to take some towards the end . . . and even that wasn't easy, because these guys move fast! Suffice to say we loved this experience and highly recommend it.

This is the Sham Slam...he can splash people up to sixteen rows away.

The trainers have a mystical connection with the whales, there's no doubt about it.

They swim and nuzzle.

Here one trainer offers a treat after the event.