Live and learn.

Here are some tried and true Santa Fe businesses.
Aztec Cafe is a little gem downtown, on, of all things, Aztec Street.

True Believers comics store. Knowledgable staff. Kid-friendly, too. Do NOT buy manga, comics, or graphic novels at Borders...go to your local comic store. This is Santa Fe's.

Anasazi Medical Associates

Jon's Alignments, 1221 Calle De Comercio Santa Fe , NM 87507 (505) 438-4776 (if you need brake work or wheel work on your car, you are insane if you go anywhere else)

Whole Foods Market and La Montanita Co-op

Batteries Plus (batteries for ANYthing, locally run)

The Lensic and the Screen at the College of Santa Fe are the best venues in town for independent films and special showings. The Regal Theater on Zafarano is by far the best choice for general release movie-watching.

Quik Send mail and package services, very good in its own right, wonderful people run it, but when you consider the horrors of the Santa Fe post office, it's reeaaaaaaaalllly extra special good.

Eye Associates is big and corporate, but the doctors are good and the optician/glasses section won first place in this year's Santa Fe Reporter. Surprisingly decent.

Annapurna Chai House Who says you can't get a great and inexpensive meal in Santa Fe? Tuesdays are 50 percent off and students always get 20 percent off. This is located right near the Montanita Co-op.

More to come. I'll organize the list alphabetically or something after adding a few more.