Far away from the hometown team....

....the New York Mets.
Unfortunately I can't whip up interest in the Albuquerque Isotopes (Pacific Coast League Triple A notwithstanding) because they are a farm team for the Florida Marlins, a team in which I can't even generate the tiniest iota of give-a-darn.

I was born a full-tilt, down-the-line-on-both-sides Roman Catholic. I find that being a Mets fan is a suitable stand-in thanks to the comparable aspects of guilt, anxiety, belief despite disappointment, hope, and inevitable letdown.

Here, this fellow has a great blog about being a transplanted Mets fan. He totally gets the joy and old fashioned poetry of a baseball game. The Baseball Desert and the baseball library are also good reads.

Ok, so the Met logo guy is pretty odd.. I never said Mr. Met wasn't alarming. But tell me that you don't like his hat. Go ahead, I dare you.