If you visit Denver, assess the Mint.

If you visit Santa Fe and have a lot of get up and go, you can drive to Denver as well. Not only will you get to see endlessly beautiful mountain vistas, you'll also have to wear some very strong sunglasses because yowza, it's a relentlessly bright six hours. This Monday we enjoyed visiting the Denver Mint. The kids liked getting the new Washington dollar. Treasury plans to release four different dollar obverses per year in the order that the Presidents served, which means the Gerald Ford coin is due in 2016. JFK in 2015. An image of the Statue of Liberty is on the back.

We learned that there are six stages to the manufacture of a U.S. mint coin. Every coin is blanked, annealed, upset, struck, inspected, and finally, counted and bagged. We also learned that you have to leave your purses, backpacks, and cell phones in your car.