Civil marriage equality.

We should not tolerate treating any people like second-class citizens.

When I hear the phrase, "but marriage is between a man and a woman" solemnly intoned, my thought is, says who? The male scribes who translated the Old and New Testaments thousands of years ago, of which we have only translations of translations? If you want to pay attention to old guys slouched over desks painstakingly writing their version of truth, then how about turning to our Constitution? Conveniently, we have that original document to peruse.

Its guarantee of equal protection does not permit states to single out any one group of people — this would include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people — for discrimination. Someday, let's hope the Supreme Court will have the opportunity to rule on this question.

Gay people who seek the rights of marriage are simply seeking their country-given and God-given rights. Please click here for the Human Rights Campaign Fund's top ten reasons we need marriage equality.

True equality for everyone in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, and in the United States is the only answer, for nothing less will do.