We prefer driving. However...

....if for some inexplicable reason you ever decide to fly away from Santa Fe, you might first want to check the qualifications of the person piloting your plane. It's also advisable to check your distances beforehand--for instance, the mileage between Santa Fe and Lhasa, Tibet, China, as the crow flies is: 7799 miles (12551 km) (6777 nautical miles). This will help you determine how many hazmat suits and kegs of antiseptic hand wash to pack.

Are cellphones safe to use on board an airplane? How about PDAs, laptops, DVD players, and game machines? Research indicates that anything from WiFi to handheld games can interrupt the normal operation of key cockpit instruments, especially Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Two NASA studies support the idea that passengers' electronic devices produce dangerous interference that reduces safety margins for critical avionics systems. (Are there any avionics systems that are NOT critical?)

How do you like the idea of the dopey teenager sitting next to you messing with piloting instruments? Have a nice flight!