Santa Fe. New York. Santa Fe. New York.

If you are in the mood for a New Yorky restaurant here in SF, then try the Back Street Bistro, reminiscent of the Seinfeld soup nazi but without the hollering. Or Andiamo! on Garfield Street, which is like a sidestreet cafe in the Big Apple. Both are better and far less expensive than the oft-reviewed and oft-publicized other restaurants in town.

When transplanted New Yorkers who live in Santa Fe miss their hometown, they can check out one of these two blogs for a happy fix.

Peruse the photos of New Mexico by this transplanted New Yorker. Or browse transfixing photographs of Santa Fe and environs by Jal.

Really when you get down to it, there's just Santa Fe, New York, and, like, Earth.

Photo copyright Jal 2004-2005.